Our care homes are owned by the charity The Society of Christ (GB). As a charity, the care home is not therefore run to generate profit, but to be able to meet its operating costs.

Residents funded by a council

When residents cannot pay for their care themselves, they qualify for funding by their local council. The fees are set by the council and are paid partly by the council with a contribution from the resident’s pension/benefits after pocket-money has been deducted.

Self-funding residents

The fees for self-funding residents are set by the Society of Christ and are reviewed annually.

Fees are paid by weekly standing order one week in arrears.

What is not included in the fees

Some things are not included in the fees e.g. connection of a private telephone and subsequent telephone bills, hairdresser, chiropodist, clothes and footwear, outings/holidays etc., and residents have to pay for these themselves. However, residents’ pocket-money is usually sufficient to cover their additional needs.

  • Hairdressers regularly visit our care homes

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