Your Care

The care we provide for you is based on your Care Plan.  This is an important document which contains a detailed assessment of your care needs and how best to meet them, for example:

  • Personal care and physical wellbeing
  • Communication
  • Mobility and dexterity
  • Personal safety
  • Medical history and medication
  • Mental health and cognition
  • Diet and weight
  • Food and meal times
  • Dental and foot care
  • Religious observance
  • Social activities and interests
  • General practitioner visits and recommendations
  • Risk assessments

The Care Plan is prepared with input from you, medical and mental health professionals, social services and your family and friends.  It is updated every month by the manager and care staff, and reviewed with you and your representative annually.

Your Medication

Your medication is prescribed by the care home’s GP or the hospital and/or mental health professional.  It is reviewed regularly to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate, accurate and effective medication.

Your medication is supplied to us by the pharmacy in blister packs which are divided into days and times of day, so that there is less chance of staff administering medication incorrectly.  All authorised care staff are trained to administer medication accurately and safely.

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